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    The preparation for gluing in textile and footwear industry



The current processes of gluing and adhesion of different materials in the footwear and/or textile industry require expensive and often non-environmentally friendly chemical processes. Companies are increasingly looking to internalize the preparation processes, also to reduce costs and increase the quality of the finished product, but without having to reorganize their production cycle.



Atmospheric plasma treatment eliminates these preparatory processes and, in some cases, increases the performance of these adhesives. The products of atmospheric plasma, by directly modifying the surface of the material to be treated, allow in fact to alter and improve many of their properties.

Inovalab is able to develop technical and economic feasibility studies on the use of atmospheric plasma within the production chain, and to create both prototypes and industrial machines.



In Inovalab we have proven that the use of atmospheric plasma in the footwear and / or textile industry allows to:

  • avoid mechanical preparation (carding and/or milling of soles and uppers)
  • avoid the need to clean the soles with solvents before applying the primer
  • avoid having to apply primer to soles and uppers
  • reduce the duration of glue absorption and drying before gluing
  • use less glue
  • improve the adhesion of the sole to the upper
  • glue leather with a high fat content
  • apply treatments in mechanized production lines.