• Drying treatments

The use of innovative technologies based on high-frequency electromagnetic fields and infrared radiation allows the development of fast, efficient and high-quality processes in various industrial sectors.



There are different types of materials that require the application of a drying process in order to be used or processed in an appropriate manner: wood, food, paint, and leather.

Given the diversity of these materials, it is clear that the term “drying” must be given to mean a class of significantly different processes depending upon the use of each material and the technology chosen.

Historically, drying is a treatment of the material obtained through thermal convection, but the emergence of new technologies based on the use of electromagnetic fields and infrared radiation has enabled the development of rapid, efficient and high-quality processes.

In fact, the technologies used by Inovalab have the advantage to directly transfer the necessary energy to the material to complete the drying process without heating the surrounding environment, thus increasing the energy efficiency.

For example, the dry-cured ham speck can be processed using an infrared process to break down the bacterial surface components; while pasta or biscuits can be dried in the production phase using an electric field at an appropriate frequency (radio-frequency heating or heating by dielectric losses). The same electric field can also be used to dry leather or wood, or to allow quick drying of industrial water-based paints on plastics, wood or metal.

We offer our customers our expertise in the search for innovative solutions in drying processes, while also complementing the theoretical advice with prototyping to verify the technical and economical feasibility of the requested process.