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The use of computer-simulated numerical models is the state of the art of engineering design.



Over the years, inovaLab has developed exceptional skills in creating extremely complex virtual prototypes with the use of numerical models. For this reason, we have been recognized by COMSOL® as a Certified Consultant, a title awarded to those who have demonstrated a deep knowledge and skillful use of the COMSOL Multiphysics® platform.

Electromagnetic, thermal, fluid dynamic and multiphysical simulations allow for a rapid development of new products or innovative heating processes without the creation of countless and expensive prototypes.

Thanks to the use of numerical models, it is possible to achieve the realization of an already optimized prototype without any waste.

Investing in dedicated software and high-performance hardware is a high cost for a company. However, the main cost of this equipment is actually the training and experience of the staff.

Our experience and expertise allow us to provide our customers with a service of developing innovative products at the highest level.



Our intelligent systems develop dedicated monitoring algorithms that can anticipate any malfunction or failure of the system. These algorithms are also useful for organizing scheduled maintenance or for creating a database of the processes being used in order to continuously improve production control.