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    Induction soldering and carton packages for liquid foodstuffs

One of the studies carried out in Inovalab’s first years was the development of induction soldering of carton brick packages for the preservation of liquid foodstuffs.


A world leader in the packaging sector who was already familiar with induction heating, turned to us to improve and optimize the quality of the soldering they were currently using.



In order to respond efficiently to our customer’s requirements, we offer them our expertise in induction heating processes and numerical simulations. This is to accompany the customer in a feasibility study and, subsequently, in the design of the inductors in order to define the most suitable process parameters for this application, which must be reliable, repeatable and fast.



Thanks to the provided support, today the customer has become completely independent in the design of necessary components for the application of induction heating technology in their products. As experts in the field, we continue to support the customer in the training of new staff and by offering technical updates on the most suitable technology and simulation software.