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    Installation of induction waterproofing membranes

Sometimes radical innovation comes from the application of existing technologies in completely new areas.
We have assisted a customer, an expert in the field of waterproofing membranes, in the creation of a product compatible with induction heating.


The necessity to create a membrane that could be glued using induction, arises from the need to avoid using open flames in some construction sites, especially ones with wooden structures present.



We have provided our customers with a 360° consulting service.

We provided the indications needed to create a waterproofing membrane that could be heated and attached to the surfaces by induction. In addition, we have also developed from scratch an automatic machine for laying the membranes out and bonding them to the surfaces that records the heating process through sensors and can thus objectively guarantee adequate bonding.



Currently the most common method of gluing waterproofing membranes is based on the use of flames and relies exclusively on the operator’s manual skills.

The proposed innovation offers inherent advantages in increasing the safety of construction sites by eliminating the presence of naked flames, and creating a system that guarantees and verifies the quality of bonding in real-time during automated laying, and thus significantly improves the quality of the whole process.