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    Drying paints

Some industrial processes require the drying of water-based industrial paints deposited on aluminum elements.


The goal of the client, a company operating in the automotive sector, was to achieve higher product quality by increasing energy efficiency and, at the same time, reducing the duration of the process.



Thanks to the use of simulation software and specific instruments, at Inovalab we have numerically modelled the effect of different thermal sources (thermal convection, infrared, radio frequency, electromagnetic induction) on the element to be treated in order to create simple prototype systems to experimentally compare performance indicators.



On the basis of theoretical analysis supported by experimental measures, the customer was able to fully appreciate the various peculiarities and critical issues of each technology in order to choose the most suitable one for its production line. For example, it ranged from high energy efficiency (accompanied by a high production speed for each piece) of electromagnetic induction to lower energy efficiency of heating by thermal convection partially offset by the economic advantage of serial production.