• Special applications

The application of innovative electrothermal technologies can make a difference in the fields of several different heating processes by making them faster, more efficient and improving the quality of the final product.


Innovative induction heating applications

Inovalab’s philosophy is not limited to the application of electrothermal technologies where they are already known, we believe that these technologies can be successfully used to completely new sectors and markets.

Experience has taught us that it is often sufficient to introduce small changes to the production process to initiate radical innovations in the heating processes.

For example, in several production lines we have discarded the old resistance heating contacts, systems, which worked on moving parts with sliding contacts, introducing new induction systems that, by their nature, do not require contact between the heated part and the inductor. This way, the customer completely eliminated the sliding contacts, speeding up and increasing the efficiency of the machine and improving its reliability and safety.

On another case, in collaboration with the customer, we developed a waterproofing membrane suitable for induction heating. This application, later patented by the customer, has led to the creation of some prototypes of automatic machinery for the installation of waterproofing membranes on the roofs of industrial buildings, using induction heating systems. This new technology allows repeatability of process and quality of installation much higher compared to the traditional torch flame method currently used on building sites.

The study of all these innovative and “special” applications starts from a feasibility study, supported by numerical simulations and usually ends with the creation of prototypes and limited industrial series that fully demonstrate the value of the proposed innovative solution.