• Biomedical

The current legislation includes a number of directives on electromagnetic emissions that limit output values in order to avoid interference between different devices and the occurrence of harmful biological effects in the human body.


Human exposure to magnetic fields

Electromagnetic Compatibility is the ability of an apparatus or system to function satisfactorily and without unacceptable electromagnetic disturbances in its surrounding environment, such as other equipment or people working or living nearby.

The practical effect of compliance with the regulations on electromagnetic compatibility is that a device should be insensitive to disturbances generated by other devices at a certain distance (immunity) and the device itself should not generate disturbances that could compromise the functioning of other devices (emission).

We measure electromagnetic fields with duly calibrated instruments in order to certify the performance data of devices operating in a wide range of frequencies (from industrial frequency to microwaves). In addition, at InovaLab we offer the customer our expertise in finding innovative solutions for the evaluation of the biological effects of electromagnetic emissions through numerical calculations during the design of industrial devices or during the adaptation of existing devices to legal directives.

In particular, our work is oriented towards the design of electromagnetic shielding for industrial devices. These are generally high-power systems, for processing materials by electromagnetic induction or by resistance heating.

We also verify electromagnetic pollution produced by industrial or domestic machinery, power lines and radio repeaters.