• Packaging

The application of innovative electrothermal technologies (resistance, radiofrequency, induction) can make a difference in the world of soldering processes for the packaging of products.


Innovative applications

The most innovative electrothermal technologies are increasingly applied in the packaging sector, where repetitiveness and process control specifications are required at very high operating speeds.

To meet the need for higher speeds, resistance-heating technology – currently the most widely used technology – is no longer sufficient. Therefore, manufacturers of packaging sealing machinery are searching for new, more innovative technologies, such as electromagnetic induction and radio frequency, which allow superior performance in terms of controllability, repeatability and speed.

At Inovalab, we offer our customers our expertise to identify the most innovative solution for packaging sealing processes. We usually start from a feasibility study supported by numerical simulations to determine the best possible solution. We can also design and build a prototype that meets the customer’s specifications.

As an example, typically induction welding is used to seal packages made of multi-layer materials, aluminum, LDPE, paper for the packaging of liquid foodstuffs such as milk, fruit juices, wine, etc., while radio frequency soldering is typically used in the food industry to seal vacuum packaging bags.