• Prototyping

  • Prototyping

We produce innovation through the creation of virtual computer-generated prototypes. Prototypes allow us to precisely define the design of electromagnetic devices for electrothermal processes to maximize their performance.



Thanks to our experience, in Inovalab we have learned that the physical realization of electromagnetic devices often presents difficulties that are unpredictable while the design process is still on paper or a computer.

In addition, the time and cost of making numerous samples is a high investment. For this reason, we develop in-depth virtual prototypes, in order to solve a large part of the problems from the very beginning.




Thanks to this method, the realization of the physical prototype is the final part of our process and we are able to implement it through our network of specialized suppliers. The prototype is then produced internally by Inovalab to verify the performance expected in the design phase.

We accompany the customer throughout the process without leaving them with the burden of finding new suppliers of components that often belong to market sectors outside their business.

Inovalab is able, at its own laboratory or at the customer’s premises, to design and carry out the measurements necessary to validate the device or process by using equipment that automatically acquires all the quantities involved in the process.

In most cases we have verified that already the first realized prototype guarantees all the performance characteristics requested by the customer for the final product.