• Food industry

The application of innovative electrothermal technologies can make a difference in the world of cooking systems. For years we have been working closely with large manufacturers of cooking equipment, supporting them in the development of new, better performing and more efficient products.



The arrival of electrothermal technologies has been a real revolution in the world of cooking processes. There are many possible applications. For example, with radio-frequency heating food can be dried or defrosted in a fast and controlled manner.

The microwaves integrated with traditional electric resistance ovens can increase the cooking speed by generating heat directly inside the food. Induction hobs, one of the most developed areas of expertise within Inovalab, allow to reach high temperatures in a very short time, radically reducing cooking times and increasing the energy efficiency of the process.




We support the customer throughout the innovation process: from the exploratory simulation to the design of the system up to the creation of an initial prototype that can be verified in the field. Typically, we propose a feasibility study, often supported by computer simulations, which allows us to determine the best technologies that meet the customer’s innovation needs.

We design the required device with great precision, thanks to our expertise in the use of specific design software – electromagnetic, thermal, fluid dynamic – so that in almost all cases the first prototype we make meets the customer’s requirements.

We also provide training on different technologies and their use.