• Training

We organize custom training courses on all electrothermal technologies.



Our team consists of university professors with a marked propensity to teaching, as well as technicians with a high level of training (PhD) and specialization in electrothermal technologies and in the production of electromagnetic devices.

These skills are at the service of our customers to inform them about the existence of these cutting-edge technologies and to increase their dissemination in the most productive manner.

We accompany our clients with training as well as our consulting and development activities. The training sessions are fundamentally important in order to fully understand the main characteristics of the technology that is being proposed, to clarify the needs of the customer and thus be able to better meet their requirements.



Thanks to the training, the customer can reach a level of competence in the newly adopted electrothermal technology and also be able to continue autonomous development, continuing to use Inovalab for the training of new technicians or for continuous training on the state of the art technologies.