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    Electromagnetic compatibility

We support our customers with our expertise in the search for innovative solutions for the assessment of biological effects of electromagnetic emissions. We use numerical calculations both in designing new industrial machinery and in adapting existing devices to regulations.


In particular, resistance and arc welding machines are among the types of equipment that require a specific assessment of the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields produced during their operation: the instruction manuals describe which precautions should be taken to protect any non-employees that might be exposed by accident, with particular attention to especially sensitive persons. This means minimum safe distances must be identified and safe access areas must be defined for both the general population and workers (the areas must be zoned).



The evaluation of electromagnetic emissions is a legal obligation and a prerequisite for the manufacturer to get their equipment approved. We offer a simulation by numerical calculation of the magnetic field produced by the device already at the design stage.

If the electromagnetic field is above the limit, we are able to provide an assessment of the power density induced in biological tissues.



Numerical simulations allow us to predict the electromagnetic field produced by a specific device without long and labor-intensive experiments. Numerical models can also assess the compliance of a device that exceeds the limits of electromagnetic field emissions. In some cases, the power density induced in biological tissues, that is the basic limit to compliant for safety, can be lower than the maximum acceptable value even the intensity of the electromagnetic fields exceeds the proposed limits.