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Our research center guides companies towards the future. We support companies in the innovation of heating processes by offering preliminary feasibility studies, analyses and proofs of concept.



Often the companies’ ability and willingness to innovate is held back by the high fixed costs of research that drives them to focus mainly on directly production-related activities. We offer a solution that provides the company with a research-oriented team equipped with all the necessary hardware and software. This way, we can guarantee reliable and scalable costs.

The company can therefore develop research projects with high intrinsic risk on a limited budget.



Inovalab’s team is composed of young researchers who, thanks to their expertise and propensity to keep exploring new solutions, are able to translate the companies’ innovation needs into projects and achieve their objectives within certain timescales.

Our expertise in electrothermal technologies ranges from induction heating to radio frequency and microwave heating: this allows us to find the most innovative and optimized solution for each customer.

Research with Inovalab leads our customers to keep evolving innovative ideas, generating a virtuous circle: idea – project – company growth.