• Heat treatments

Electrothermal technologies are widely applied for the heat treatment of metallic materials. We support our customer in the design, development and implementation of heat processes of components and metallic parts with the aim of achieving the required technical properties and improving the efficiency of production processes.


Heat treatments of metals

We support our customer in developing innovative solutions for improving industrial processes. We organize Design Dreaming Meetings to share innovative ideas, as well as develop tailored solutions and create prototypes and small industrial production series.
Thanks to the use of finite element simulation software we are able to realize a virtual prototype useful to optimize the design of every detail before the physical realization of the object. We offer to our clients our experience in heat treatments of metal components through induction heating, such as brazing and hardening processes.

The induction heating technology allows to obtain efficient, precise and repeatable processes. In this area we are able to develop ad hoc heat treatments that allow us to meet the customer’s requirements on productivity, product quality and energy efficiency of the process.
We have successfully developed processes ranging from induction hardening of mechanical components for the aeronautical industry to induction hardening of bearings and preheating of aluminum billets before the extrusion process through an innovative permanent magnet heater.