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    The induction stove

At InovaLab, we design induction stovetops for some of the most important players on the household appliance market..
Thanks to our design experience, we have created inductors of different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of our customers.

We also assist our customers in the selection and implementation of different types of electronic power supply boards and algorithms related to special cooking settings.

Our consulting service also includes the realization of a prototype of the stovetop with all the components (inductor, generator and the electronics) assembled and ready for the first verifications.



One of our customers, a world leader in the production of household appliances, used to purchase induction stovetops from external suppliers and put its brand on them. Later, considering the growth of this market sector, the client took the strategic decision to cultivate in-house skills to independently develop and produce their own induction stoves. The client approached us for support in developing these skills within the company.



We supported the customer by first providing training courses on the theory of induction heating and, subsequently, designing and manufacturing the prototypes that allowed the client to start industrial production.



Thanks to the research carried out on various induction cook-tops, our team has developed standard procedures for the analysis of induction stoves currently present on this fast-growing market. These procedures are able to guide the customer in the choice of the product that meets the production requirements.